Ariana Grande has revealed two more song names slated for her upcoming seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine, which arrives March 8.

On Saturday, the singer took to her Instagram Story to share the titles of the opening song, “Intro (End of the World),” and the fifth track “Eternal Sunshine.” Her lead single, “Yes, And?” appears as the ninth song out of 13, with the rest of the track names left blank. “Yes, And?” debuted at Number One on the Hot 100 earlier this week, marking the eighth time one of her songs has topped the chart.

She also shared alternate album cover art. While the first exclusive cover showcases the pop star’s face, the second exclusive cover features a photo of the back of her head with her blonde hair in a ponytail as she leans against the shoulder of another person who is similarly styled.

Grande also teased her appearance in a forthcoming Billions Club episode. In a new clip, she is seen in the studio. “We’re here for a very normal day of work,” she explains in the clip. “It’s a really absurd number. I can’t wrap my head around the number,” she adds of her 14 songs that have reached 1 billion streams on Spotify, more than any other female artist.


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