Eminem is dissing both Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray on his new song, “Doomsday, Pt. 2.”

Eminem Disses Benzino and Coi Leray on “Doomsday Pt. 2” Song. On Friday (Jan. 26), fans clamored to listen to Cole Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade compilation album All Is Yellow for Eminem’s new track “Doomsday Pt. 2.” On the song, which you can hear below, the Detroit rhymer lyrically disses his longtime arch nemesis Benzino.

“Now I got a riddle (What?), one condition, you mustn’t laugh (OK)/What is the opposite of Benzino? (Uh, what?)/A giraffe (Haha),” Shady raps on the song. “Go at his neck, how the f**k is that? (Yeah)/How can I go at somethin’ he doesn’t have? (Haha)/Arm so short he can’t even touch his hands/When they’re up above his head doin’ jumpin’ jacks (Wow).”

“Sorry, I don’t mean (What?) to upset you, Ben’ (Yeah)/When I talk about (What?) all the debt you in (Uh)/I hear that you been (What?) creepin’ on the low/In them cheap hotels (Yeah), that they catch you in (What?)/Jesus Christ, dawg (Damn), when you said two-10 (What?)/Never guessed you meant (Damn) at the Red Roof Inn (S**t)/In a room with one single bed, two men (What?),” he spits.

Slim Shady also throws Benzino’s daugher Coi Leray under the bus for good measure.

“Well, I guess then I regret to inform you, hate to spoil the day (What?)/But this doesn’t bring me no joy to say (Huh?)/Guess that Coi Leray feat’s in the toilet, aye? (Goddamn),” he raps.

It’s a safe bet that Benzino is not going to be happy to hear his name being dragged in yet another Eminem diss track. Stay tuned for his response.


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