Hip-Hop has come a long way. Fat Joe and 50 Cent enjoyed the New York Knicks Christmas game together. The two were spotted courtside at Madison Square Garden in their Christmas finest fits.

Fat Joe and 50 Cent once had beef, but that’s past both of them now. In October, Fat Joe showed his former foe love, naming the Get Rich or Die Tryin album as one of the greatest ever.

“And it’s crazy ’cause I had beef with him and I wouldn’t allow myself to hear it, wouldn’t let DJs play it,” Fat Joe said in an episode of Diggin’ in the crates for BET. “But I knew that it was G-Unit. Recently J. Cole came out at his concert and said it was the greatest album of all time. Nas came out and said, ‘Yo this changed the game.’ And it’s a fact.”


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