Out of the infinite creative space that is music, a strange constellation called Some Distant Memory appears. Under the direction of the mysterious Jasper Ian Albrecht, this musical journey is unlike any other, entwined with the fanciful stories of Nors and the Nors Updates video channel, where imaginary creatures such as the mascot, Nora, engage in glorious animation.

In June 2023, the first section of their masterpiece, “Reflections,” unfurled like a tapestry of auditory hallucinations. Five tracks caught listeners’ attention and soothed their souls: the intriguingly named “Novel Narrative Instrumental,” the reflective “Raised in the Shades,” the hauntingly beautiful “Beauty Untouched,” the temporally perplexing “Forwards & Backwards,” and the captivating “Just A Story.”

Some Distant Memory has persevered in its dedication to musical brilliance in the face of setbacks from the chaotic epidemic and the natural ups and downs of band member affiliations. They have started a journey full of obstacles, negotiating the harsh seas of sound identity problems and the whims of band members’ responsibilities.

With the release of the captivating music video for “Sunrise Syndrome,” a visual marvel that captivated audiences, the story continued. The master of music, Jasper, did not take long to get right into the composition of “Reflections.” Nevertheless, the route was fraught with difficulties, akin to a creative maze, making it difficult to choose the correct course.

Nevertheless, Some Distant Memory has triumphed over hardship, their resolve unwavering. They are currently working hard on a captivating music video for the lovely song “Just A Story,” as well as getting ready for the release of Part Two of “Reflections” and their eagerly awaited album “Tide,” which will undoubtedly be a demonstration of Jasper’s poetic abilities.

Another daybreak, full of hope, melody, and the oddball appeal of Nors and lively companions, awaits as the sun sets on one chapter of their musical journey. The story of Some Distant Memory is a monument to the creative spirit’s unwavering perseverance and a reminder that music can still inspire and be a source of hope amid catastrophe.




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