The Mothership has been taken off the release schedule at Netflix. The Halle Berry sci-fi starrer has run into problems, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

“Berry and the Mothership team already completed much of the filming on the project, but it was in need of extensive reshoots to get it over the finish line. Netflix opted not to move forward with those reshoots and shelved the film instead.” Then Variety reported, “The movie finished filming in 2021, but it couldn’t be completed after multiple delays in post-production.”

The story was set as Berry playing a “woman who discovers an extraterrestrial object beneath her home a year after her husband’s disappearance.” The film was written and directed by Matthew Charman and had an ensemble cast that included Molly Parker, John Ortiz, and Omari Hardwick.

With the state of the industry, it is not a huge shock when a project shows this degree of chaos. Just take Warner Bros. Discovery’s 2022 canning Batgirl, a DC superhero film that had wrapped production and was due out under the HBO Max streaming banner.

MRC was producing the film, and Berry, along with Danny Stillman, served as executive producers. Fred Berger and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones from Automatik were producers on board.

Berry has a deal with Netflix and will star in the upcoming film The Union along with Mark Wahlberg. She’s still running strong, and that matters!


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