ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER than words for Brittany Howard on her latest single “Prove It to You.” The song will appear on the Alabama Shakes singer’s upcoming solo album What Now, out Feb. 9.

“My next song is one I’m really proud of,” Howard wrote on TikTok last week while previewing the song’s synth-driven sound. “It’s different than anything I’ve ever done but felt like a cornerstone of the new record. The band and I are excited to perform this one live for you all.”

In a statement that accompanied the single’s arrival, Howard added, “I wanted to write a fun four-on-the-floor dance track that makes you want to dance but at the same time lyrically looked at the complexities of being in a relationship. I love those songs that might not be exactly what they appear to be on the surface.”

“I’ve never been good at saying what I mean/Every time I try it comes out incomplete,” Howard sings over bass-heavy, psychedelic production on “Prove It to You,” later adding: “I’ve never been any good at falling in love/I fall so I hard I never get up/Don’t hurt me girl/I can’t take it no more/Makes me ask what I’m doing it for.”


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